About Jordan Chariton


Jordan Chariton is the kind of gonzo journalist that cuts through the fog of fake news, alternative facts, and media blackouts like a truth machete. In his first year as a reporter for The Young Turks, he went from following controversy on the presidential campaign trail to covering profit-motivated abuses of human rights by corporations and their political cronies. In Flint, he’s been a constant force on the ground, and continues to be one of the few who’ve stuck around, hastily assembling town halls to make sure lead poisoning victims have a voice. At Standing Rock, he charged toward corporate security guards whose guns were pointed at him and protesters, reminding them that the world was watching.

In short, he’s the kind of unrepentant, dogged truth-teller we so desperately need. His new platform provides fellow guerrilla reporters with a way to circumvent the old guard, and get the word out about the things that matter to real people, in diverse – often ignored and silenced – communities. These are the stories we need, as reported by people who actually get it.

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