“Jordan Chariton is the journalist truth-teller of our time. He uses his craft to report on and give voice to the concerns of humanity. From his coverage on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; the environmental emergency at Standing Rock in North Dakota; to exposing the crushing consequences of unemployment and underemployment on the working poor and middle class in places like Elkhart, Indiana — Jordan challenges us all to see the world through the eyes of our sisters and brothers.”
Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator


“There is no other journalist I trust more to take on the media and political establishment than Jordan Chariton. His groundbreaking from the front lines of Standing Rock captivated millions and forced other media outlets, as well as the world, to pay attention. While covering stories the corporate media would never touch, Chariton infuses a strong dose of unabashed progressive activism into his approach to journalism that provides people with a front row seat to the pain and suffering of the most oppressed citizens of our country. He offers his audience a chance to become invested in the stories and empowers them to play their own part in the political revolution.”
Armand Aviram, Media Producer for Senator Bernie Sanders


“Jordan Chariton has the cure for what ails America: Fearless investigative journalism. Chariton is the quintessential muck raker, on a mission to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. His brand of courageous fact finding has exposed corporate & government corruption and collusion from Standing Rock North Dakota to Flint Michigan and to the seat of power inside the DNC, deftly exposing Donna Brazil’s poor lying skills. Chariton is a fountain of truth in a journalistic landscape dominated by corporate stenographers to government and the powerful.”
Jimmy Dore, Host of “The Jimmy Dore Show”


“Jordan and I reported from the front lines at Standing Rock together for several weeks.  His reporting was relentless, tireless, compassionate, brave and righteous.  Jordan has a kind of hunger for truth and justice that only the most intrepid and daring reporters have.  There were times when I had to pull him back from situations where he was going to get brutalized by the police.  There were times when I was in awe of his brashness and sensitivity and his sheer output.  Pay attention to him and to the issues he covers, America needs him like Trump and the forces of injustice need a conscience.”
Josh Fox, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker 


“Jordan Chariton is an all too rare reporter. He’s fearless, tenacious, and follows the story wherever it leads him. Our generation desperately needs investigative journalists unafraid to question power and report the facts in full context. By informing the public on the real issues that matter, Chariton arms us with the knowledge we need to understand and defend our own interests and fight for peace and justice.”
Tim Canova, former Florida Congressional candidate


“I am so thankful for Jordan of The Young Turks, who took the time to look for truth in the #NoDAPL movement in the middle of conflict and rumors. He stood for truth. Mni Wiconi—Water is Life.”
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Water Protector


“Jordan consistently reported on the front lines covering Native Americans’ treaty, religious freedom and constitutional violations, helping get the word out in a media blackout.  Standing Rock ND was considered one of the most hostile and dangerous places in the United States to report in 2016/2017.  Many journalists were targeted for reporting.”
Myron Dewey, Drone Pilot and Water Protector


“I feel that Flint is lucky to have a reporter like Jordan dig in to the layers upon layers of corruption that lead to our poisoning. Jordan sits down with affected residents to tell the whole story and shows respect to the people living in the middle of this disaster. Jordan is not afraid to call out all the players and get us the answers the residents are needing.”
Melissa Mays, Flint resident and activist


“Jordan is a peer hero of mine and one of the most fearless, persistent journalists in America right now. When he goes after an issue of injustice in America, he won’t let go until the full story is told. His work on Standing Rock & Flint has been some of the most essential breakthrough journalism of the past few years.”
Shaun King, Senior Justice Writer for NY Daily News, Commentator The Young Turks


“Jordan Chariton represents what journalism is at highest aspiration, holding powerful people accountable and uncovering uncomfortable facts. Jordan is what CNN and MSNBC are supposed to be, but will never achieve.”
Kyle Kulinski, Host of “Secular Talk”


“Jordan from The Young Turks has put East Chicago, Indiana on the map for the world to see!!! Thanks for the times you called & texted to check on me & my family! Jordan was the first interview I did and I felt so comfortable telling him me & my kids’ stories! Thanks Jordan, God bless you & The Young Turks.”

Akeeshea Daniels, East Chicago resident and activist


“Jordan is very passionate about what he does and throws himself into each story in a very empathetic way. He doesn’t come off as just another journalist trying to get rich or famous. What’s important to him is getting the stories out. He cares about the real stories on the ground, not the eye-catching headlines that are usually distractions from what’s really going on. Jordan doesn’t claim or pretend to know and/or understand everything he walks into—that’s what makes him so relatable and down to earth.”
Becky Rowe, Elkhart, Indiana resident


“With dogged reporting, intrepid independence, and a determination to
cover vital stories that are being ignored, Jordan Chariton has quickly
become one of the nation’s best young journalists and commentators.
While his political analysis is astute and thought-provoking, it is his
on-the-ground reporting that has been particularly inspiring – from
Standing Rock to Flint to East Chicago, he has pursued and exposed
crucial stories of injustice, oppression and inequality, while shining a
light on the malfeasance of those with power. The U.S. media receives,
and deserves, a torrent of criticism and contempt, but real journalists
like Jordan Chariton, demonstrating a devotion to critical reporting,
 are a cause for genuine optimism.”
Glenn Greenwald, Co-Founder of The Intercept

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